1. Who knows how it’ll bake?!
    Matthew, I hold no responsibility.

  2. It’s so good being this proud :)

  3. You’re a deceptive girl, Cindy.
    Ouch. 15 rounds + 1 P/U RX’d.

  4. A quick bite after popping in to see mum.
    Corn fed farm chicken, gherkins and fresh whole meal spinach pita.

  5. After solving a maths problem, this is what we say.

  6. At training Brian: “is that a falcon?”
    Will: “no man, it’s a sparrow.”

  7. How appropriate.

  8. One of my students asked me to fix his tablet. Needless to say I found the funniest thing ever. I’m crying.

  9. Dear ‘model’,
    Step 1: eat.
    Step 2: take that ridiculous top off.

  10. Football Federation Australia…
    What makes you think I’d buy anything with my name on it and Mark Milligan’s squad number?

  11. Ouch. My bank account is crying!

  13. Just the stables, darling.

  14. Neigh!!

  15. Hahaha