1. This restlessness.

  2. The not so sexy side of Sydney.

  4. This guy!

  5. Home sweet home.

  6. Australia. The only place I know where you can eat a whole chook at the beach and go for a swim during Autumn.

  7. Today Adrian took me sailing. It was pretty magnificent. There’s something very special about having your hair out, sitting cross legged on a catamaran, feeling the salty water splash on your legs, facing your head up toward the sun, all the while watching a very gorgeous man pulling ropes, steering and sailing you around. Beautiful.

  8. Corinthians. A whole box. Nom nom nom.

  10. There’s something very wrong with my bunnies.

  11. Easter lunch with my lovely people.

  12. Adrian likes Carina’s cooking.

  15. Meow