1. Try them on, I said. Check they they fit, I said.
    I bought Adrian some new shirts from industrie and he only found out that they were waaayyy too small once showered and standing in the gym bathroom before work….

  2. My man the ‘two-can-Sam’ fell drunk asleep in the car yesterday afternoon.

  3. Mub’s tattoo.


  5. This guy looks so sad right now. Shame.

  6. Payback.

  7. Bloody got there before us! Bloody Simon! Bloody oath!

  8. My number!

  9. On the way down Adrian looked like he was going to give birth.

  10. Hanging on for dear life.

  11. Once at the top we saw some amazing sights.

  12. Maybe I should’ve left my helmet on.

  13. Come on! He says…

  14. The view was pretty amazing from the first floor. But then…

  15. Yup… Spidey. Here we go…